Thursday, October 2, 2008

chapter 5 "mankind's essential illness"

What do you think "mankind's essential illness." is

I think that mankind's essential illness is not being raised right and the put into the world or for the Lord of the flies on an island without parents.Ralph pretty much know that he can rule the littuns because he old then them and know more about the outside of the parents. To me Ralph is the parent and the littuns are the children. It like Ralph is tring to raise them but does have the right experience. For instance, he get anger that Simon gives Piggy food because he wouldnt give piggy because he felt that he shouldn't eat because he didnt hunt. Also allowing the littuns so make or go by fire on the mountain.

In real life a parent wouldnt let the littuns go by along fire let a lone make a fire. Therer will be rules and also conquences for make breaks rules.Parents would try and make the food streght instead of eating when ever they wanted and they would also have an essential health meals

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